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World Time Attack Challenge

Time attack racing is a type of motorsport where racers compete for the fastest lap time. In 2010, the inaugural World Time Attack Challenge was held at the Eastern Creek Raceway (now known as Sydney Motorsport Park).

The pubic voted with their feet. The success of this inaugural event was immediate. Since then, attendance numbers for this annual two-day event have grown each year.

But time attack is only one component of the World Time Attack Challenge show, with Australia’s fastest tuner cars also taking to the track during  the event for the Turbosmart Flying 500. This is a 500 metre rolling start race, and the car that achieves the highest speed is crowned the winner. There are also drifting and stunt-driving demonstrations as well as ‘Miss Time attack’ pageant.

Away from the on-track action, there are also many pit-zone attractions. The Trader Alley offers product exhibitions and expert advice on suspension, brakes, wheels and engine components, as well as tyre and car care products. There’s something for every automotive enthusiast to be found there!

The World Time Attack Challenge is an experience to be enjoyed by the whole family. Bring your friends and loved ones to this year’s event and see some of the world’s top motorsport competitors in action! Make sure you check the program schedule for specific event times.

Eastern Creek is a suburb that’s about 38 kilometres west of the CBD via the A4 and M4. You can also catch public transport to get there. Rooty Hill on the Main Western line is the closest station, and from there you can catch a bus to Eastern Creek.
The World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney is the largest time attack event in the globe. Motorsport car culture enthusiasts from around the country and abroad come to attend the event each year, which takes place in October.

During the two-day event, spectators get to see the fastest teams from around the world compete in automotive and motorsports as they race against the clock. The Drift Challenge is an exciting highlight as elite drifters battle head to head in the biggest drift event in Australia.

Other thrilling features of the event include the Turbosmart Flying 500, which is when the fastest tuner cars in the country battle it out at the race. It’s an adrenaline-charged event and has always been a crowd favourite as 1000 hp cars compete for top speed. Fans may also get to see the biggest motorsport legends during the event.

Patrons are also treated to an array of activities and attractions inside and outside the track. The Trader Alley is filled with exhibitors showcasing their latest merchandise and offer expert consultations on everything motorsport. Automotive enthusiasts will be amazed at the sheer array of engine components, brakes, suspension, wheels, turbos, and car care products available at the event. Several food outlets are located in the Pit Zone as well as in the ski pad area and behind the Grand Stand.

However, spectators should keep in mind that the Pit Lane, located on the trackside of the garages, is a restricted area. Only accredited media and competitors will be allowed inside the Pit Lane. But the Pit Building Roof and the Grand Stand are open to the public. The quickest way to reach the Grand Stand from the Pit Zone is by taking the underground tunnel between the control tower and the Pit Building. Disabled facilities are available although parking will be limited. Just show disability stickers to the security and they will assist you to a spot. A lift can also take you to the Pit Building roof.

The World Time Attack Challenge is held at the Sydney Motorsport Park in Ferrers Road, located 40 kilometres west from Sydney’s CBD. The nearest suburbs are Blacktown, Rooty Hill, and Mt Druitt. Since there is no public transportation available all the way to the venue, it’s best reached via City Rail train to Blacktown, then from here you can hail a taxi. Spectators who wish to stay near the event may opt to book lodging nearby; there are several choices just a few minutes away as well as in the nearby suburbs. Both multi-day and single-day passes will be available online and at the gate although it doesn’t include parking. Two ATM’s will be available on-site during the event as well. The World Time Attack Challenge will push through, rain or shine.

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