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Wollongong Triathlon Festival

Wollongong Triathlon Festival

The Wollongong Triathlon Festival is a celebration of health, fitness, and family which usually takes place in April.

Races are available for all abilities and ages, and individuals, as well as groups, are welcome to join in the event.

Wollongong Triathlon Festival 2024 Date, Course Map & Entry Prices

Some of the most popular activities include the Super Spring triathlon and the Standard and Sprint distances. Kids aged 7 to 11 years old can join the Miniman Aquathon events as well. The distances covered include: 200m + 8km + 2km, 750m + 20km + 5km, and 1.5km + 40km + 10km.

For the swim leg, participants can use any swimming stroke provided that it doesn’t interfere with other swimmers. Water safety will be provided in the form of boards and boats, and swimmers are welcome to rest on their board if they need to catch their breath – there will be no penalty for resting during a swim. Regarding the costume, you may wear a wetsuit or not, but this decision is best made on the day of the triathlon itself as it will depend on the water’s temperatures. If the water is below 22 degrees, you may wear a wetsuit if you’d like.

Wave starts ensure that swimmers are spread out in the water, and the size of the wave is around 50 competitors a few minutes apart. The swim cap is given during the registration process, and it is required to wear it because its colour indicates your wave start.

For the bike leg, bikers will need to bring their own bikes, as these will not be provided. Many types of bikes are suitable for the event, including cruisers, mountain bikes, and ultra-fast road racing bikes. Most importantly, ensure that the bike you use is safe and roadworthy. Triathlon Australia officials will check the bikes as you enter the transition area. Bikers should also take note that it is mandatory to wear a helmet that meets Australian Standards; Triathlon Australia officers will also check helmets. Cycle-specific clothing is welcome, provided the torso is covered; you may change into running gear.

For the run leg, runners can walk if they cannot run the entire distance. Headphones will not be allowed at any part of the race. The run aid stations will have Vaseline for runners in case of chafing. Get sunscreen at the medical tent before the race starts to prevent sunburn.

First-timers are encouraged to join this free triathlon, but with a limited capacity of 200, it’s best to register beforehand.

The Wollongong Triathlon Festival takes place at the Wollongong City blue mile.

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