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King’s Birthday

Australians celebrate the King’s Birthday (previously known as the Queen’s Birthday) with a public holiday (and long weekend) on Monday, the 10th of June, 2024.

Even though some shops and businesses will have limited trading hours, there are plenty of things to see and do over the King’s Birthday weekend.

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A fascinating fact is that King Charles’ birthday is in November; however, the celebration is in June. The reason for this is twofold: The holiday was originally a celebration of ‘the monarch’s birthday’, which at the time, was King George III, who had his birthday on the 4th of June. Once Elizabeth became the monarch, it was decided to leave the celebration in June as it more evenly spaced out the public holidays throughout the year and kept the celebration in the warm English summer.

In Australia, the King’s Birthday occurs during the winter season. However, there are still many events that are scheduled over the long weekend, and there are many attractions that remain open, even on the public holiday on Monday.

Even though some smaller shops will close on the public holiday, most supermarkets and shopping centres are open for business on the King’s Birthday. Movie theatres also remain open, as do restaurants, petrol stations and many attractions in Sydney, such as the Taronga Zoo, SEA Life Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and the Sydney Opera House.

The launch of the New South Wales snow season occurs over the King’s Birthday weekend, so gather your friends and head out to one of NSW’s many alpine resorts.

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