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The Goods Line

The Goods Line

The Goods Line is a park and pedestrian pathway located in the suburb of Ultimo. The 500-metre long trail links Darling Harbour to Railway Square and is a popular destination for tourists exploring Sydney.

The rich history of this linear park dates back to 1855.

The Goods Line Urban Walkway & Park Map, Sydney NSW

The park presently uses the route of what was a former railway line used for the transportation of goods between Sydney Yard and Darling Harbour. This line began operations in 1855 before its extension to different regions in 1922; providing easy access for goods trains to get to Darling Harbour without disrupting passenger train traffic.

With the closure of facilities at the harbour, the railway line was disused and today makes up the urban linear park that is open to public access.

Presently, The Goods Line features well-manicured lawns, dining areas, as well as study spots. In addition to this, the park also has table tennis tables for a relaxed game or two after a hard day’s work. This park is a family-friendly destination, so take the kids with you as they will enjoy a fun day at the water play area. There is also a sandpit for the little ones who prefer building something.

It is fascinating to note that the railway line layout inspired the park’s overall design. At the core of maintaining this architectural layout, the designers figured that instead of carrying goods, the line would provide transportation for the present-day – people, social spaces, creative ideas and cultural ties. This makes The Goods Line one of Sydney’s most stunning cultural hubs.

Look out for many of the artefacts that have been preserved for posterity’s sake. The bridge that runs over Ultimo Road, for instance, has been around for more than a century and still maintains its sturdiness. The lever frame obtained from the Street Signal Box is also worth having a look.

The Goods Line is one of the best walks in Sydney, combining the best of rustic, tranquillity and modern living.

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