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Store Beach

Store Beach is one of Sydney’s hidden treasures, a sheltered beach that is only accessible by water among the city’s northern beaches.

This beach stands out from others; not just because it’s hidden from plain sight, but also because it remains sparsely populated. This makes it an excellent place for a weekend getaway.

Store Beach Access, Manly Address & Map, Sydney Harbour NSW

A favourite for boating enthusiasts, it is no surprise that summer weekends bring together boaters and kayakers looking for adventure. If you are visiting the city and need a quiet retreat or a romantic picnic coupled with a little water adventure, then look no further than Store Beach.

The beach’s scenic views and its pristine sands are the perfect places for a beach holiday. The beach’s background constitutes green hills that are an idyllic setting for photography. This beach also serves as a penguin breeding ground, so do not be surprised if your picnic is interrupted by fairy penguins. These penguins are considered an endangered species, so it is important that effort is made to preserve the aquatic reserve.

The best part about this is the fact that this beach is also a child-friendly option for families looking for a place to enjoy the weekend. Whether the kids want to play in the shallow waters as the adults enjoy a BBQ, or choose to lie and soak in the sun and beauty of this secluded beach, there is no shortage of things to do while here.

It is easy to hire kayaks from Manly, as this is the only way to access the beach, so it’s advisable to pack a lunch and water, as well as sunscreen. Entry to the beach is free, but it costs a small amount to hire the kayak.

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