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Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation
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Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation

The Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation is a gallery that showcases the artworks of globally acclaimed artists who are mainly from Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Established in 2008, the gallery sought to spearhead the research and exhibition of art from the regions mentioned above.

Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation Exhibitions, Paddington Sydney

The Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, abbreviated SCAF, works hand-in-hand with artists to commission new works of art and to organise exhibitions where this contemporary form of art can be displayed. This is made possible by the gallery’s unique five-part complex.

The complex includes an expansive exhibition area, theatre annexe, courtyard garden, and an outside space. The gallery also boasts of a contemporary cottage for visiting artists, filmmakers, artists or curators. The cottage provides a conducive environment for artists in their respective fields, with amenities; such as a kitchen a bathroom, living and sleeping space.

With more than 35 projects and 400 talks and workshops to its name, SCAF has also brought onboard different artists who have created various projects on location. They include Janet Laurence, Tokujin Yoshioka and Dinh Q. Le; among others whose existing works have been put on display for art lovers to enjoy.

The best part is that entry to all the projects at the gallery is free. Note, however, that for the workshops, a fee may be charged for relevant materials. The regular exhibitions, however, are a simple, yet immersive way, to learn more about Sydney’s art scene.

The Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation is located on Goodhope Street in Paddington, with the gallery located just five kilometres away from Sydney’s CBD.

There are plenty of accommodation options close to SCAF. These include Morgans Boutique Hotel, Sydney Boutique Hotel and Darlinghurst Apartments. If you are looking for a hotel that is within walking distance of Paddington and the gallery, then Vibe Hotel Rushcutters Bay Sydney is an ideal place.

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