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Middle Head Fortifications
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Middle Head Fortifications

The Middle Head Fortifications make up one of Sydney’s most incredible destinations, thanks to their historical and heritage significance. These fortifications are made up of the Outer and Inner Middle Head Batteries, as well as the Obelisk batteries – all located at Middle Head, Mosman.

The most distinct thing about the fortifications is that they are indeed part of the old Sydney Harbour Defences.

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Going back in time to learn that the first fort on site was built in 1801 makes for an exciting learning session. The last batteries on location were built in 1942, providing more than a century of construction work.

The entire area is made up of an intricate network of underground fortress tunnels, among other military equipment. This marks the site where the country’s troops were trained before being deployed to war. The military has since moved on to different locations, and the site is today a national park.

To get to the fortifications, it is essential for visitors to note that there is no public vehicle access to Middle Head. Instead, paid parking is available a few hundred meters from Middle Head Road. Remember to wear sturdy shoes before touring the fortifications. Guided tours are available, but these are limited to June, July, August and September. This is because there are bats that live in the tunnels during their hibernation season.

Touring the fortifications feels like soaking in military history that spans close to two centuries. Walk the tracks where the troops walked, explore the tunnels and marvel at the Tiger Cages that are a reminder of the infamous Vietnam War period. Wind up your tour of the Middle Head Fortifications by unwinding on the beautiful beaches that overlook the cove area.

A tour of the fortifications is incomplete without enjoying views of Sydney Harbour from the lookout point. This vantage point provides an opportunity for some of the most incredible photos, particularly at sunrise and sunset.

Middle Head Fortifications are near the Sydney Harbour in Mosman, NSW.

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