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Mary MacKillop Place Museum
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Mary MacKillop Place Museum

The Mary MacKillop Place Museum is one of Sydney’s unique attractions, and for a good reason. The museum marks the site where the country’s first Saint lived and is a serene getaway tucked away from the bustling city; an extraordinary place to visit.

The museum was first opened in 1995 and has since regaled visitors with the incredible story of Mary MacKillop, after whom it is named. Mary lived between 1842 and 1909, and upon her death, was buried on site at the place where the museum stands today.

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Her extraordinary story is one that captures the human resilience over seemingly challenging obstacles to mark a woman who lived her life triumphantly. A visit to the museum allows visitors to learn about the work started by Mary MacKillop; all while celebrating the rich heritage she left behind.

Touring the museum is a fantastic chance for visitors to understand the country’s history from the mid-colonial era to the pre-federation period. For a museum that is steeped in the rapid growth of the Catholic Church, the experience here is an eye-opening adventure for both religious and non-religious folk.

The Mary MacKillop Place Museum is a unique heritage space and is made up of several gallery areas in different parts of the buildings. The various exhibitions are as follows: three permanent galleries, a permanent exhibition at Alma Cottage, as well as one temporary exhibition gallery.

The permanent exhibitions cover, among others, an orientation video, the path to sainthood, as well as an interactive learning space equipped with the latest technology for group sessions. Alma Cottage was Mary’s home for 25 years to the time of her death. The cottage is tastefully refurbished to mirror Mary’s desire to lead a humble life.

In addition to the attractions, you may also choose to spend some time at the museum by taking up accommodation options at Anderledy Lodge. Other amenities include a gift shop and cafe with free Wi-Fi.

To plan your visit, make your way to Mary MacKillop Place Museum located on Mount Street in North Sydney. Opening hours are from 10am to 4pm daily.

7 Mount St
Sydney, NSW

Opening Hours
10am - 4pm

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(02) 8912 4878

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