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St Andrews Anglican Cathedral
St Andrews Anglican Cathedral

St Andrews Anglican Cathedral

St Andrews is an Anglican cathedral located in Central Sydney. One of its most outstanding features is its unique architectural design, which continues to amaze visitors to the city.

The brainchild of Edmund Blacket, who designed the church’s unique form, held its first services back in 1868 after its consecration. This makes it the oldest cathedral in the country.

St Andrews Anglican Cathedral Sydney, History, Services & Mass Times

A walk inside the cathedral reveals its rich interior design characteristic of Gothic design. One of the things you’ll notice is that while the building is small in size, it has a sense of grandiosity attributed to its proportions and interior works.

Visitors with a keen eye for detail cannot miss the subtle decorations, including ribbons made from carved stone and cast on the piers. These ribbons were added to include the names of significant people who contributed to the city’s early church.

Most of the furniture at St Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral is original fittings, which have since been preserved and maintained. Look out for the stained glass windows, which represent Jesus’ parables alongside key events of his life. Take a few minutes to appreciate one of the cathedral’s most treasured items—the Great Bible. Traced back to 1539, the Bible was gifted to the church and is today displayed in a glass encasing.

Over the years, the cathedral has been maintained in its grandiose state, making it a perfect place for visitors to get some solace. In addition to this, several services are held at the cathedral. These include Sunday services and additional mass services during the week. For people spending longer in Sydney, there are different ways to get involved at the cathedral, such as joining any of the various ministries.

St Andrews is a key building in Sydney and has been heritage-listed as a building of national significance. It is located at the corner of Bathurst and George Streets in Sydney.

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