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Manly Cove Beach

Manly Cove Beach is one of the best-hidden destinations near the city. This spectacular beach is perfect for families with toddlers, and with its location being on the ferry end of Manly, it makes it both fun and easy to access.

One of the things that you’ll notice on arrival is that the beach features tall trees on the promenade that provide shaded areas where visitors can unwind and hang out during hot summer days.

Manly Cove Beach, Address Location, Swimming Area & Map, Sydney

In addition to this, the beach also has a promenade that provides space for the kids to expend some energy. It is an excellent place for children to ride their bikes and scooters with the parents watching on the beaches nearby. When the kids get tired of riding, then they can build sand castles on the beach against the background of the Manly Ferries.

For older kids visiting Manly Cove Beach, nothing compares to the wet and wild adventure at Manly Water Works. This exciting experience incorporates giant water slides that will give the kids a great time. Note, however, that opening hours are subject to weather conditions.

Away from all the water activities, the beach is also home to a dozen takeaway shops from where you can get snacks and refreshments to enjoy an afternoon picnic. Alternatively, enjoy a quiet meal at any of the restaurants. Remember to check out the different surf shops if you need surfing gear. You can also get great souvenirs and gifts to take home with you.

One of the highlights of visiting Manly Cove Beach in the evenings is the opportunity to see the penguins come by. Watch as these beautiful creatures head to their burrows to take care of their young ones, but try to avoid creating any disturbances when near the penguin sections.

Whether you’d love an easy day to reflect, or are looking for a beach adventure, Manly Cove Beach does not disappoint.

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