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Lady Bay

Lady Bay is a popular beach destination for beachgoers looking for the perfect getaway from the CBD.

This quick escape is located south of the harbour, between Camp Cove and South Head. What this stunning beach lacks in space, it makes up for in spectacular views of the surrounding region.

Lady Bay Beach Address, Parking & Map Watsons Bay, Sydney NSW

Whether you want to roll out your beach towel and enjoy sunbathing or go swimming to keep the summer heat at bay, you are spoilt for choice. The pristine sands at this beach are ideal for a late afternoon picnic with friends, to end just in time before the sun sets.

For nature lovers looking for a place to take a pleasant stroll, the South Head Heritage Trail is ideal for evening walks as you soak in the marvellous views across the expansive South Pacific Ocean. The walk follows the clear footpath past several historic sites before leading to a series of steps and onto the beach.

Make your way to the historic Hornby Lighthouse, a significant icon near this beach. It is important to note that this is a designated nudist beach, so clothing is optional. As such, some visitors may have reservations about visiting the beach with little kids.

Remember to carry beach essentials, such as a hat, sunscreen and drinking water, for a memorable experience. You may want to take your binoculars, as well, if you intend to go birdwatching. This also comes in handy at the beach because it is not uncommon to see whales swimming close to the shore.

Take some time to visit the aptly named Camp Cove, located on the protected side of the South Head. This is a favourite spot for swimming and beach relaxation. Towards the northern end of Camp Cove, there is a kiosk and toilet block. You may also want to check out the Cannon, a placement that has been onsite since 1890 and makes for an exciting attraction for history buffs.

Lady Bay is on Victoria Street, just half an hour’s drive from Sydney’s CBD and 3 minutes from Watsons Bay.

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