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Camp Cove

Camp Cove

Camp Cove can best be described as one of the most beautiful and most tranquil beaches in Sydney; tucked in between Green Point and South Head and sits close to Watsons Bay.

If you’re looking for a serene destination to chill out or enjoy some fun on the water, you can never go wrong with Camp Cove.

Camp Cove Beach, Kiosk, Parking, Swim, Fishing & Snorkeling, Sydney NSW

Perfect for a family outing on the weekend, the beach is ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Kids will enjoy playing in the beach’s calm waters as parents unwind on the sandy beaches and enjoy sun-bathing.

Visitors often take a stroll towards the South Head Heritage Trail – a cliff-top walk with panoramic views of the harbour and beyond. It is also the very location where the adventurous plunge from the cliffs into the water below. The bushy trail leads past the entrance to Lady Jane Beach, the iconic Hornby Lighthouse, as well as the HMAS Watson naval base.

History lovers will appreciate this important historic site as it marks the point at which the First Fleet spent the night before the landing at Sydney Cove in 1788. Look out for rock engravings of different sea creatures in the area; perhaps a testament to the region’s vibrant art and rich cultural heritage.

There is also proof that the Aborigines spent some time in the area as there is a rock shelter tucked away at the northern end of the beach. The beach is also home to luxurious beachside villas (available for accommodation), cafes and heritage listed wooden homes that once served as fisherman’s huts.

Some of the amenities at Camp Cove Beach include a kiosk, showers and change room facilities. If you arrive early, you will get free parking on Cliff Street, Watsons Bay and Green Point.

Cliff St
Watsons Bay, NSW

Opening Hours
6am - 6pm

Gates are open from sunrise to sunset

Phone Number
(02) 9960 6266

Email Address
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