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La Perouse Museum
La Perouse Museum

La Perouse Museum

The La Perouse Museum is a heritage-listed building that tells the story of the La Perouse expedition. First opened in 1988, the museum is home to collectibles that detail the expedition, its famed arrival in 1788, meeting with the First Fleet, as well as the shipwreck on the Solomon Islands.

The preservation of the documents detailing the expedition led by French native Comte de Laperouse gives a glimpse into the city’s rich past and how it blends with traditional Aboriginal stories.

La Perouse Museum, Parking, Address & Opening Hours, Sydney NSW

With more than 2000 items on display, this is a perfect day’s getaway for exploring and discovering past gems.

One of the most significant collection items at the La Perouse Museum is the Atlas of the Voyage of Laperouse. The atlas boasts 72 drawings and maps that are delightfully coloured to mark places that the expedition visited before arriving at Botany Bay.

Additional heritage items, including the La Perouse Monument and the Macquarie Watchtower, may be viewed around the museum. Look out for the tomb of Father Receveur, who was the first priest of the Catholic Church, who was buried on Australian soil. Other nearby attractions include the La Perouse Snake Show and the majestic Bare Island Fort.

Depending on the time of visit, visitors may stumble upon temporary exhibitions that showcase Aboriginal culture, environmental programs, and the region’s local history. This eye-opening experience will give you a new appreciation for the different cultures and histories in Botany Bay.

La Perouse Museum is only open on Sundays between 10am and 4pm and is closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Amenities provided at the museum include toilets and ample parking spaces.

Note that the museum is not easily accessible for wheelchair users. To get to the museum, follow the Anzac Parade towards La Perouse and follow the signage that leads to the museum.

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Closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day

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