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Josef Lebovic Gallery

The Josef Lebovic Gallery is a unique art centre that takes pride in dealing with original works of art on paper – spanning the period between the 15th and 21st centuries. The gallery has created a niche for itself by specialising in both local and global vintage works of art.

If you love poring through works of art from years gone by, this gallery is worth checking out while in Kensington, Sydney.

Josef Lebovic Gallery, Catalogues, Address & Opening Hours, Kensington

The gallery holds new exhibitions regularly, providing an opportunity for art lovers to explore Sydney’s vintage art scene in one of the most amazing locations. One of the things that stands out about these exhibitions is the fact that they are focused on both individual artists, as well as printmakers.

These works are brought together by a love for diverse art that incorporates theatrical posters sourced from across the country, boudoir art, architectural art, as well as travel posters. The works of art put on display during the exhibitions also showcase Australia’s panoramic views, different coastal scenes, as well as black and white art that capture the best of the country’s vibrant, artsy side.

In addition to this, all exhibitions also feature a detailed catalogue. This is an integral part of the display because the catalogues provide information on the different works of art, providing much-needed context. Some of the most popular catalogues include the Masterpieces of Australian Photography, as well as the Masterpieces of Australian Printmaking.

Art lovers will be pleased to discover the classic works by renowned Australian artists; including Conder, Blackman, Boyd, and Rees; among others. Whether you would like to get an original piece in print form, or are looking for an original lithographic poster, the Josef Lebovic Gallery is the place to find it. Prices for the different works range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, making this an ideal location for sourcing gifts for the avid art collector.

Josef Lebovic Gallery is on Anzac Parade at the corner of Duke Street, Kensington. It is easily accessible and is perfect for an afternoon trip.

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