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Dr Chau Chak Wing Building

Dr Chau Chak Wing Building

The Dr Chau Chak Wing Building is an iconic piece of architecture located at the University of Technology Sydney; standing out because this is the first building in Australia to be designed by world-renowned architect, Frank Gehry.

The tower is named in honour of Dr Chau Chak Wing, an Australian man of Chinese descent who donated millions of dollars for its construction.

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Perhaps what it is recognised most for is its unique design, which resembles a beautiful squashed brown paper bag – only this time having been made up of bricks and glass.

The building houses a 240-seat tiered auditorium, a 120-seat lecture theatre and collaborative classrooms. There are two oval classrooms specially designed to allow the lecturer to be part and parcel of the students for a more collegiate approach to lecturing. All of the rooms at the iconic Dr Chau Chak Wing Building are fitted with modern technology to improve learning.

With such a distinct design, this building certainly attracts visitors all year round. It is also a reminder of Gehry’s vision to create a trunk and core of activity, whose branches will allow people to link up and do their work in a cohesive environment.

A closer look at the building’s design reveals its two peculiar external facades. One constitutes undulating brick, which makes a subtle reference to the rich heritage of urban bricks in Sydney. The other is made up of huge angled glass sheets that create fractured mirror images of the university’s surrounding buildings. Inside, the stainless steel stairway in the main lobby is one of the most outstanding sculptural forms of art.

Some fun facts about this building include the fact that it has only one straight column and its sharpest angle is cast at 72 degrees. Additionally, 320,000 bricks were put in place by hand to result in the facade appearance. More than 1500 workers were on site during its period of construction.

The best spot to appreciate this architectural wonder is from the adjacent ABC Building.

The Dr Chau Chak Wing Building is a spectacular landmark and one of Sydney’s must-see icons.

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