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Gap Park

The Gap Park is a spectacular ocean cliff park on the South Head Peninsula facing the Tasman Sea. This area is a popular destination among locals and foreigners looking for tranquillity away from the city.

On arrival, you will first notice that the area has a railing installed for safety, allowing visitors to take photos and enjoy sightseeing safely.

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There are also many benches at the different sections of the area. This is a perfect place to enjoy solace with the background of the sea breeze and crashing waves in the distance.

The left side of The Gap Park leads to viewing platforms at a higher altitude, linked by a staircase. The steps are wide enough to ensure stability and ease of climbing. Enjoy the lush greenery as the staircase opens up to the magnificent beauty of the waters of the Tasman Sea.

Take some time to view the expanse of the blue waters, and if you are lucky, spot a few whales during their migration period. For those who love bird watching, the abundant flora at this park makes this an enjoyable activity. Enjoy nature walks as you stroll across the park while snapping at the fantastic ocean views.

In addition to the natural beauty at The Gap, this park also has a rich history that gives visitors a glimpse into its early days. Look out for the shipwrecked relics that dot different parts of the park and old fortifications. There are disused gun placements on location, making the journey feel like a walk back to the past war eras.

You can access the park in different ways: either from Circular Quay by taking the Ferry or bus route 324. Parking spaces are limited at The Gap Park, so you may want to use public means.

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