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Defiance Gallery

Defiance Gallery is a prominent art installation tucked away in the beautiful suburb of Newton, about six kilometres from the Sydney CBD. This gallery is home to creative and innovative works by renowned artists in Australia, and what’s more, the gallery takes pride in showcasing works by newcomers in the industry.

The gallery was opened in 1995 and has since grown to be one of the most amazing destinations for art lovers in the city.

Defiance Gallery Contemporary Art Exhibitions, Newtown Sydney NSW

It is the brainchild of Campbell Robertson-Swann and Lauren Harvey, and the duo has managed to make it the go-to gallery for world-class sculptures and paintings. The gallery’s unwavering support for sculpture artists has earned it the place of the leading exhibition for sculpture art across the country.

One of the most amazing things about Defiance Gallery is that it holds various exhibitions to display different works of art and allow art enthusiasts to soak in the glorious beauty of this artistry. The various events include, but are not limited to solo shows, group exhibitions, and what is popularly referred to as ‘encounters’. The latter is an event where select artists are required to work outside of the norm of a typical studio session, making this an eye-opening experience for visitors to Defiance.

Look out for the different curated exhibitions that the gallery holds in partnership with various institutions. Some of the partners include the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the Nock Art Foundation.

A visit to Defiance Gallery is incomplete without visiting the Outdoor sculpture park. Although the park was relocated to the Southern Highlands, it is still part of the gallery. The more than 50 sculptures by both local and international artists have a way of capturing one’s imagination and creating vivid memories of this trip.

Defiance Gallery is at 47 Enmore Road in Newton. It is easily accessible by car and parking is available on both Station Street and Enmore Road. The gallery is also a few minutes walk from Newton Station. Alternatively, use bus routes 423, 426 or 428, all of which stop just outside the gallery.

Visit the Defiance Gallery for an unforgettable art experience.

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