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Newton is a suburb located in Sydney’s inner west – just about four kilometres away from the CBD. The suburb spans the local government areas of the Inner West Council and the City of Sydney.

The location that is today known as Newton was once home to the Cadigal tribe of the Eora community.

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What’s more interesting is the fact that the suburb’s main street, King Street, is known to follow the trail of one of the Aboriginal tracks to the stunningly beautiful Botany Bay. At the beginning of the 19th century, the region developed as an agricultural and residential area.

Today, one of the most outstanding developments that have survived the years is the terrace of imposing mansions with five floors. Located on Warren Ball Avenue, the mansions have stunning views of Hollis Park. Presently, certain parts of the suburb are home to prestigious houses particularly towards the northern part of Newton.

Newton has a vibrant culture that features the best of music, food, arts and pubs. The latter can be attributed to the suburb’s industrial past, and include some establishments from the Victorian era. Some of the most notable pubs include the Bank, the Towny and the Courty. For the best of the suburb’s food scene, Bloodwood and Gelatomassi offer some of the most exciting gastronomic experiences.

Are you wondering where to learn more about Newton’s artsy vibes? Head out to the Kerrie Lowe Gallery for an array of contemporary ceramics – from innovative sculptures to items made from porcelain. Additionally, the gallery is also home to intricate prints, jewellery and paintings, among other features. For those who love vintage, The Cipher Room promises an immersive and unique experience.

Gallery Serpentine is one of the country’s biggest corsetiere stores. Complete with a full clothing line, this is the go-to shop for the modern woman and the dapper man. King Street also has this funky vibe to it and is an excellent location for finding great gems. Other places to shop in Newton include Hats by Rosie Boylan, Leo Monk Handbags as well as Yoshi Jones.

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