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Cooper Park

Cooper Park is a unique park tucked away in the heart of Woollahra, one of Sydney’s Eastern suburbs.

As the largest area of bushland in the region, it is easy to see why this park continues to attract nature enthusiasts visiting the city.

Cooper Park, Garage, Stairs & Tennis Courts, Bellevue Hill Sydney NSW

The park reserve comprises of picnic facilities, recreational and sporting amenities, making it a destination worth visiting for a trip out of town.

Its history dates back to 1885 when the then-government bought this land from Cooper Estate with the sole intention of developing it as a recreational reserve. This was finalised in 1913 when Sir William Cooper, the man after whom the park is named, gave the entire stretch of land from Bellevue Hill to Woollahra Council for use as a park.

One of the key attractions at the park is a creek whose waters flow over waterfalls and down the rolling hills. Listening to the water as it cascades down provides much-needed tranquillity for visitors looking to escape the city’s hustle and bustle.

Uncover the natural beauty of Bellevue Hill as you walk down the well-maintained walking trails; including the Rosewood and Cliff Paths that stretch for a kilometre or so. Not only is this an easy way to keep fit, but it is also a great way to enjoy the stunning views along the walk.

There are individual steep sections, so stretches of the walk may not be convenient for those with limited mobility. Towards the lower-eastern end of the park lies the Lough Playing Fields; made up of expansive lawn areas within an easy walking distance.

In addition to nature walks, visitors may also enjoy different sports at the park. There are eight tennis courts and a couple of cricket nets between the courts. Other amenities available include picnic sites, a food kiosk, bins, a toilet block, as well as a community centre that is available for hire.

Cooper Park is open from sunrise to sunset and entry is free – except for the hall and tennis courts.

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