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Captain Cooks Landing Place
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Captain Cooks Landing Place

Captain Cooks Landing Place is a heritage-listed site that has a significant place in Australia’s history. Just as the name suggests, this site marks the point where Captain Cook landed alongside his Endeavour crew in 1770.

The team stayed in the area for eight days, leaving a significant impact on the country’s rich history.

Captain Cooks Landing Place / Site Near Botany Bay at Kurnell, Sydney

The landing place is close to Silver Beach on the magnificent Kurnell Peninsula headland. It is a popular attraction today, one whose listing as a heritage sites points to the coming together of Aboriginal and European cultures.

To access the landing site, you need to visit the Kamay Botany Bay National Park to discover this beautiful location. The easiest way to get here and to enjoy the scenery is to use the Burrawang walk; a popular connection that runs between the two areas. By taking this walk, it allows you to enjoy the soundscape that captures the mirth of Aboriginal children; undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the trip.

Walking over the dune reveals excellent views of the bay that marks the precise point of landing. A closer look shows a small plaque that indicates where Captain Cook and his team set to make history. For those travelling by car, take Captain Cook Drive and head towards Kurnell. Take the left turn at the intersection and then right onto Cape Solander Drive.

You should be able to spot the visitor centre on the left – just a few metres from the park’s entrance. Park the car and take on Burrawang walk to the landing place. 2WD vehicles can easily access this park with designated spaces for the physically challenged. Note that pets are not permitted on site, except for certified assistance animals.

If you are driving into Kurnell, gates are open between 7am and 7.30pm between August and May, and close at 5.30pm between June and July. Park entry fees apply, and regular visitors can make use of an annual pass.

Captain Cooks Landing Place is a must-see family-friendly destination in Sydney.

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