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Silver Beach
Silver Beach

Silver Beach

Silver Beach is the perfect destination for sea, sun, and surf. Located in Kurnell, this stretch of beautiful sand fronts the iconic Botany Bay. The beach’s most notable features are the 14 rock walls that project from the waters.

The rock walls, which are sometimes referred to as groynes, jut out into the bay. They were built in 1970 to control extensive beach erosion at the far eastern end of the stretch.

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Beachgoers love this beach because there are many activities to enjoy. Enjoy a relaxing swim in the waters, or choose to sunbake and soak in the scenery of this beach. The beach is also family-friendly and offers safe spots for the kids to play.

For beach lovers looking for adventure, nothing beats the range of water activities to indulge in. Enjoy snorkelling, or get your adrenaline pumping with an exhilarating jet-ski session. Fishing is also a favourite activity.

Silver Beach also provides an idyllic setting for a lazy afternoon stroll – perfect for pet owners who want to walk their dogs. However, it is essential to mention that dogs are only allowed off-leash at the Bonna Point reserve, which is restricted to between the third and fourth rock walls. Note that all the other areas on the beach are off-limits for dogs.

When visiting the Kurnell Peninsula, take in the historical views of where Captain Cook landed in 1770. Learn about his adventures at the Visitors Centre, or go down memory lane with the interesting interpretive walks.

Silver Beach is easily accessible by car and public transport. Take a train to Cronulla and then connect to the beach by bus. Entry is free.

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