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BirdLife Australia Discovery Centre

BirdLife Australia Discovery Centre is the premier destination to learn about Australia’s beautiful birds while appreciating the role that these birds play in the ecosystem.

The centre provides visitors with opportunities to engage with their feathered friends in their natural habitat.

BirdLife Australia Discovery Centre Prices, Sydney Olympic Park NSW

The centre, which borders the Newington Nature Reserve, is home to hundreds of bird species, an extensive bird book library, as well as an education room. In addition to this, the centre also provides regular tours, with this helping to highlight the significance of the birds in the natural environment.

One of the most important facilities in the centre is the Eagle CAM. This must-experience part of the tour allows visitors to see a pair of resident white-bellied sea eagles in their nest. This is made possible using the EagleCAM; an advanced form of technology that will enable visitors unparalleled access to the Eagles. It is a fascinating experience, one that helps researchers discover more about these birds and how they can be protected.

In addition to the EagleCAM, there are free guided bird walks around the facility. The walks involve going around the Newington Armory; providing a perfect opportunity for bird lovers to spot the birds in their natural setting. The tours guides are knowledgeable people who will usher you into the world of birds with remarkable ease. Look out for the guided tours on the last Sunday of each month from 10am.

Education resources are available at Birds Australia Discovery Centre, designed to enlighten and support the community to learn more about birds. The resources include presentations, tools and kits.

The centre’s opening hours are only on weekends between 10am and 4pm. Visitors must note that the centre is not open to the public during weekdays. As there may be unexpected closures even during weekends, it is advisable to contact the office before planning a visit.

BirdLife Australia Discovery Centre is at Newington Armory on Jamieson Street within the Sydney Olympic Park. Entry is free for all ages.

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