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Artery Aboriginal Art

Artery Aboriginal Art is a unique gallery that showcases original works of art by local artists, both online and onsite, with the family-owned gallery located in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Alesha Glennon established it in 2005 to empower artists while enforcing an ethical approach within the field.

Artery Aboriginal Art, Contemporary Art Gallery Address & Hours, Sydney

The gallery’s motto is ‘Ethical – Contemporary – Affordable’, aptly describing the key pillars of The Artery. For art lovers looking for fair-priced works, this gallery makes for an excellent destination. Founded on a genuine interest in the rich Aboriginal culture and a fundamental appreciation for the community’s contribution to the arts scene, this gallery is worth checking out.

Some of the artists signed up by the gallery include Alicka Brown Napanangka, Kenneth Martin Jungarrayi, Tina Martin Robertson, as well as Tommy Crow – among dozens of other artists.

The traditional community tells historical stories to its people during childhood. As such, the children become custodians of their local culture at an early age. It is a beautiful way to pass on different aspects of the unique Aboriginal culture to future generations.

The works of art on display at the Artery vary in detail and size, even though they may belong to the same subject matter. Additionally, these paintings differ from contemporary works of art because the former have intricate cultural influences that make them a distinct entity altogether.

Visitors should note that the gallery only deals with the first sale of works of art, and for this reason, all pieces are new. Interested visitors may also make purchases online.

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