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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Australia has some of the best scuba dive locations in the country, and scuba diving is a fabulous way to explore Sydney’s underwater world.

Discover the beautiful waters teeming with different types of fish, vibrantly coloured sponges and even stingrays. If you are looking for a way to cool off the summer heat, then look no further than scuba diving in Sydney.

Sydney Scuba Diving License Courses, Lessons & Dive Prices & Deals

Start the adventure at the iconic Sydney Harbour where the Clifton Gardens are a favourite for many divers. This is a 10-metre shore dive, with some of the sea creatures that you should expect to see are sea horses, blue-ringed octopus as well as goatfish.

One of the most popular diving sites in Sydney is Bare Island in La Perouse. This 19-metre shore dive area is brimming with abundant marine life. Some of the most common sea creatures include the Red Indian fish, sea horses, firefish as well as the anglerfish. Interestingly, there is a specific type of anglerfish that is named after the island site.

Apartments at Long Reef make for a great scuba diving site. The site was named after the big rectangular shaped rocks that provide ample space to explore the waters. While at it, look out for the leather jacket fish, the sea pike as well as the red morwong. Occasionally, the Grey Reef Shark makes its presence known in the waters, so you need to exercise caution.

Head out to Freshwater, a shore diving site whose panoramic views and intricate rock formations are a sight for sore eyes. The section begins at the channel located at the ocean pool, from where it leads to the rocks along the wall. Some of the marine life present in the area includes the blue groper, stingarees as well as the shovelnose rays.

Dive Centre Manly is a must-visit for divers looking for extensive lessons on the art of diving. Additionally, this full-service centre provides diving gear for hire and purchase as well as guided adventures for divers. There is also a dive club for those who would like to keep up with scuba diving adventures in the region.

There are so many scuba diving tours on offer in Sydney, so click the link below to browse all the available tours.

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