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Brewery Tours

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Brewery Tours are a fantastic way to experience Sydney. Just as the name suggests, these tours are a chance for you to explore the process of beer making, and with more than 50 breweries in Sydney, there are many tours to choose from.

Take on craft beer tours to learn about the best in the field. One of the operators that offer these tours is Sydney Pub Tours.

Sydney Major / Micro Brewery & Craft Beer Tours, NSW

With different packages for visitors to choose from, you can sample more than 16 Australian craft beers as well as visit four unique heritage pubs. What’s more, the tour guides are knowledgeable and can explain the whole process of beer making from the type of ingredients as well as the brewing process.

Another Sydney operator that is best known for excellent tours is known as Dave’s Brewery tours. The operator takes pride in taking visitors to the heart of excellent craft beer so that visitors learn more and appreciate the skill required to make local beer. These tours are more than just the mechanism of beer production; they also revolve around connecting with beer lovers from around the world. A tour with Dave’s is an unforgettable experience.

Another option available is to take on self-guided brewery tours of craft beer breweries – an exciting adventure because nothing beats tasting beer right where it’s made. The perks of such a visit include the possibility of meeting the brewer and even discussing the beer-making process with them.

Within Sydney’s CBD, some excellent places to take a brewery tour include the Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe, Lord Nelson Brewery as well as Rocks Brewing at Harts Pub. Other ideal sites include The Union Hotel, the Batch Brewing Company, as well as Willie the Boatman.

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