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Food Tours

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Whether you love gourmet feasts or wining and dining, Sydney offers a variety of food tours to match your tastes and interest.

Food Tours are a fun and memorable way to immerse yourself into Sydney’s vibrant culture, all the while treating your palate to the delicious tastes the city has to offer.

Guided Local Sydney City Walking Food Tour Packages

Gourmet Getaway Tours is one of Sydney’s most popular food tour operators. The firm has specialised in tours that take visitors from Sydney to the Hunter Valley, which is referred to as ‘Wine Country’ – the perfect destination for wine lovers to taste some of the country’s best wine options. What’s more, the tour operator matches the wines with the course meals, which makes for a fantastic tour.

Taste Tours is another famous food tour operator worth checking out while in Sydney. This social enterprise facilitates enjoyable food tours within the city as well as in the suburbs. Led by experienced local guides, visitors can expect to enjoy an array of authentic places to eat as well as shop for ingredients. Fill your bag with goodies collected during the tour for an unforgettable experience.

Gourmet Safaris is another excellent option as the guides have an in-depth understanding of food history and cooking styles. Look out for recommendations on places to eat as you engage with the guides.

Foodi is worth checking out if you are keen to take a walking tour while in Sydney. Located on Rundle Street in First Fleet Park, the operator has carved a niche for itself by providing different tours that allow visitors to treat their taste buds from just about every part of the city. From beer tasting on The Rocks to a cupcake and dessert tour for those with a sweet tooth and several stopovers along the way, this is an incredible way to spend the weekend.

If you are looking for a fun-packed wine adventure that explores the best of Sydney’s wines and local produce, then look no further than these food tours. Bookings may be required.

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