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Abseiling is an exciting sport for adventure-seekers looking to explore Sydney’s rugged landscape.

There are many places to go abseiling in Sydney; including the Blue Mountains, Glenworth Valley or within the Sydney CBD.

Sydney Harbour, Blue Mountains & City CBD Abseiling, NSW

The Blue Mountains are one of the most exciting places for abseiling enthusiasts. Face the famous Malaita Wall which spans over 45 metres high. Book a tour with a group of friends which will include several abseils over a variety of climbs. Abseiling tours to the Blue Mountains often include transfers to and from the Sydney CBD as well as safety briefings, equipment and lunch.

For those wanting an abseiling adventure a little closer to the city, take a drive to Glenworth Valley, which is only an hour away from the CBD. With fully qualified guides to take on the lead, this fantastic adventure will be one to remember. Or if you want an experience right in the heart of the city, there are several companies offering tours for those wishing to rappel down the side of a skyscraper.

Other locations to enjoy abseiling include the Jenolan Caves, Yarrangobilly Caves, the Warrumbungles and Bungonia National Parks, as well as the Wombeyan Caves.

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