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Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves are limestone caves tucked away in the expansive Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve, three hours from Sydney. They are the oldest discovered open caves in the world, with numerous fossils and unique calcite formations.

As one of the eight protected areas that make up the World Heritage Greater Blue Mountains Area, these caves have continued to charm visitors.

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For those who love culture and heritage, these caves are a unique entity because they are significant to the local Wiradjuri and Gundungurra communities.

Before exploring the caves, it is essential to acknowledge that more significant sections of the cave system are only reachable by cavers with extensive experience; particularly those along the river system. Eleven of these caves are open to the general public for tourism purposes.

Lucas, one of the most famous caves among outdoor lovers touring the reserve is easily accessible and features several large chambers. The Cathedral is one of the chambers that stand out, thanks to its sheer size that has made it ideal for recitals and unique wedding ceremonies. Visit the Exhibition Chamber to enjoy the Broken Column formation.

River Cave, discovered in 1903, is one of the most taxing caves to explore, but the reward is well worth it as it has beautifully unique features such as the Queen’s Canopy and the Minaret. Chifley Caves are worth a visit as its two delightful chambers boast vibrant coloured lights that date back to 1880.

Imperial Caves are a set of accessible caves where visitors come up close with fossil deposits, while Orient Caves contain some of the most amazing formations within the complex. Other caves include Ribbon, River, Jubilee and the Temple of Baal.

To enjoy this cave adventure, make bookings with private coach companies that run day tours from Sydney to the Katoomba Railway station nearby.

What is the Jenolan Caves address?
What are the Jenolan Caves opening hours?
9am - 6pm

Ticket Office opens at 9am, and tours leave at regular intervals throughout the day.

Night tours run Mon - Sat after 8pm

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What are the Jenolan Caves entry prices?
Lucas Cave OR Chifley Cave OR Imperial Cave
Adult: $42
Pensioners: $28
Children: $28
Family: $95

Orient Cave OR Diamond Cave
Adult: $47
Pensioners: $32.50
Children: $32.50
Family: $105

Temple of Baal Cave
Adult: $47
Pensioners: $32.50
Children: $32.50

Please visit our website for more information on the Jenolan Caves.
What is the Jenolan Caves phone number?

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