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Self-Contained Accommodation Sydney
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Self-Contained Accommodation

Visitors to Sydney also have the option to rent a self-contained accommodation for their holiday needs in the city.

Unlike high-end hotels and resorts, self-contained accommodation offers spacious rooms, fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms – a true home away from home.

Budget & Family Self Contained Sydney Accommodation Apartments

Finding accommodation to rent is usually easy, and it can also be shared with friends and family – saving you money. Considering the price and convenience, the apartments in the Sydney CBD are an ideal option.

Sydney apartment choices are close to endless, with many self-contained holiday apartments located around the CBD. Most of the apartments are fully furnished – with everything from kitchen utensils, appliances, linens and cooking facilities. For larger groups, two or three-bedroom apartments are also available for rent.

Those looking for a more luxurious apartment can choose one of the many AAA-rated star apartments. Each of these apartments has excellent rooms, each offering spectacular views and artistic designs from floor to ceiling, with spacious living spaces and upscale amenities. Some apartments also include beautiful lounges, dining areas, laundries, swimming pools, onsite gyms and even playgrounds. These high-rise apartments offer excellent views of the Sydney CBD, as well as easy access to popular attractions.

Short-term and long-term rentals are available, with discounts for those booking for more extended stays. Click on our link below for the best self-contained accommodation deals in Sydney.

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