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If you’re on a budget and looking for a cheap place to stay in Sydney, then here are some options for you.

The city has excellent budget accommodation, including fully furnished hostels and backpackers.

Cheap Sydney City / CBD Hostels & Private Rooms, Australia

Hostels in Sydney offer private and shared rooms, with fully functional kitchens, common-rooms, gyms and onsite pools. Sydney’s network of hostels provides an ideal and cosy setting in which backpackers and tourists can relax.

Sydney hostels offer modern and well-equipped rooms that feature fantastic amenities and friendly staff. Visitors can stay here for a night and even for a month based on their needs. Each hostel boasts excellent security measures and systems to ensure a safe and peaceful stay.

One of the city’s most iconic hostels is the Sydney Central YHA, a heritage-listed hostel that’s conveniently within the CBD. It is quite close to the Central Station and is, without a doubt, a must-visit for high-quality accommodation. This 5-star hostel has scenic views from the rooftop and is loved for its many amenities. These include a bar in the basement, a heated pool and sauna, a cinema for movie lovers as well as tons of free activities for guests to enjoy. There is also free Wi-Fi on location. The hostel has round the clock security access for peace of mind. Group accommodation is available.

Most of the hostels are near to the city’s most famous train stations, restaurant hubs and shopping areas. If you are interested in staying at a budget hostel, then check out all popular options near Kings Cross, Circular Quay and other locations within the Sydney CBD.

Guests who choose to stay here can easily access to all of the city’s attractions, sporting venues, shopping centres, restaurants and easy access to public transport options, terminals and stations; all within walking-distance.

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