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Millers Point

Millers Point is a beautiful inner city suburb in Sydney, sitting in the north-western region of the city’s CBD, close to The Rocks and Sydney Harbour.

This makes Millers Point a unique destination and a must-visit for anyone who wants a glimpse into the city’s past.

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The suburb’s history dates back to 1814 when the then-governor granted land to Thomas Miller, a military man. The presence of a small mill on location led to the area being referred to as Jack, The Miller’s Point, seeing as a man called Jack owned the mill. Over the years, a school, a church, and an observatory were both constructed.

Two notable pubs, Lord Nelson and The Fortune of War, are the oldest surviving pubs and provide the perfect chance to drink the nights away. The latter is closer to the Rocks. Additional options include the Hero of Waterloo and Palisade, which are exciting places worth checking out.

Additionally, there are many historical and heritage landmarks in the suburb. The cobblestone lanes lead visitors to this quaint neighbourhood, and it feels like walking through layers of history. Look out for the brick buildings and stone churches that reflect the city’s colonial era. As you walk the streets, a closer look reveals placards that mention the bubonic plague outbreaks in the suburb’s heydays.

Take the stairs to Pottinger Park, the suburb’s open green spaces—a lush patch of land ideal for quiet walks. The other option involves taking on the heritage trails interwoven to provide accessibility to The Rocks.

Other nearby attractions include Glover Cottages, Garrison Church, Georgian Warehouse, and Carlson Terrace, located on Kent Street.

Millers Point is the place to be to get a glimpse into the city’s memorable past. Accommodation is available for visitors who would love to stay in the area.

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