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Hawkesbury is on the fringe of the Sydney metro area; about 50 kilometres north-west from the Sydney CBD.

The area is aptly named after the Hawkesbury River which cuts through the suburb. For a long time, the city remained a rural area, but recent developments have transformed it into a bustling city area with many suburbs.

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Originally, the city was home to the Darug tribe of the aboriginal community. Europeans first settled in 1794 intending to occupy the arable land for farming purposes, with towns established in the region in 1811. More than a century later, Hawkesbury became a city.

There are fun things to do in this vibrant city. Start with The Great North Road; a 264-kilometre walk that linked Sydney to different parts of the Hunter Valley. With its beautiful works of stone, the road leads through some of the region’s most beautiful forms of nature. The trail is closed to cars but makes for an excellent walk covered over a week or so. Or you could cycle in a few days if you are up to the challenge.

The Canoelands Ridge Walking Track is also ideal for exploring the region on foot. It is a ten kilometre stretch that takes between 4 and 5 hours on average. Visit the Mitchell Park Picnic Area where you can pause and rest from all of life’s worries. It is an ideal pit stop after an adventurous walk. Other walking tracks include Longneck Lagoon Track, Gibberagong Trail, as well as the Migrant Heritage Walk.

For adrenaline-junkies, Marramarra National Park is a gem in the area. It is ideal for cycling, picnics, birdwatching, swimming, kayaking, as well as canoeing. Best of all, the park also has campsites so you can get the most out of the park. Other national parks of interest are the Cattai and the Scheyville National Parks.

With its rich past and excellent infrastructure, Hawkesbury makes for a great destination to explore its natural gems and attractions. With many suburbs in this city, there is no shortage of places to visit and memories to make.

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