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Burwood is a suburb located in the Inner West of Sydney, ten kilometres away from the CBD. The suburb’s local government area is in Burwood Council, and should not be confused with Burwood Heights, which is another suburb located in the southern region.

Tracing back the history of this suburb means going back in time to 1799 when one Captain Thomas Rowley was granted a large parcel of land measuring 260 acres. He named his property Burwood Farm after Burwood Park located in England.

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Over the years, Rowley continued to increase his estate. The first house constructed in the area was aptly named the Burwood Villa. In the years that followed, the suburb was subdivided, and this enhanced its development.

Presently, Burwood has a unique mixture of commercial, residential and industrial developments. Look out for the main shopping precinct found along Burwood Road. It is easily accessible from Burwood train station, making it ideal for shoppers. While at it, take time to visit Westfield Burwood, one of the largest regional shopping malls – located opposite Burwood Park.

For those looking for an intimate shopping experience, Burwood Plaza will provide just that. This small shopping centre is at the southern end of the railway line. Once retail therapy has finished, the next fun thing to do is to explore the suburb’s nooks and crannies.

Burwood features excellent forms of architecture; mostly inspired by the Federation and Victorian styles. Visit the heritage-listed St Paul’s Anglican Church, which designed during the colonial era. Also check out Woodstock, which is on Church Street and what was once a tobacco manufacturing centre – now revamped to house a radio station.

A tour of Burwood is incomplete without visiting The Appian Way. This area is a model housing estate that has earned accolades as one of the most beautiful expressions of the Federation architectural style in Sydney. Right at the middle of the Appian Way is a reserve which presently serves as a lawn tennis club. Pass by Burwood Park to enjoy nature in its tranquillity.

To get the most out of Burwood, make sure to look out for events and festivals held all year round. Click on the link below to find the best accommodation deals in Burwood.

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