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Sydney Fringe Festival

Sydney Fringe Festival

The residents of Sydney come together every September to celebrate the famous Sydney Fringe Festival.

This unique event welcomes more than 3400 independent artists to participate and display their finest artwork and is celebrated at over 150 venues around Sydney.

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In addition to the many art shows, the Sydney Fringe Festival also includes visual art exhibitions, music performances, cabaret shows and film premiers. Visitors will find excellent and diverse options of performances and shows.

This arts and cultural festival not only features artists from Sydney but also many from around Australia. So, you can expect to see a wide variety of art forms at the exhibition. A number of thriving contemporary art communities also participate in the event.

The Sydney Fringe Festival also provides support to artists that are participating. In addition, artists get access to a wide array of new artworks by thousands of other experienced artists. Organisers of the festival also help many new artists to represent their exhibitions for the first time.

The festival also offers sponsored projects for individuals and groups who want to grow within the industry. Tickets go on sale for the festival in August and there will also be a number of free events in the program.

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