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Smartfone Flick Fest

SmartFone Flick Fest

The SmartFone Flick Fest, also known as SF3, is a film festival for those who create short films on their smartphone or tablet.

The festival is open to filmmakers of all ages and aims to get people involved in filmmaking at a grass-roots level without spending thousands on expensive professional equipment.

SmartFone Flick Fest 2024, Sydney, Dates, Movie Times & Ticket Prices

Each year, the SmartFone Flick Fest gathers up the many entries and judges the top entries, which will be screened at the final gala awards held at the Event Cinemas on George Street. Winners will share a split of over $10,000 in prizes, and the top ten films will be screened online to the general public.

Suppose you are interested in submitting your short film to the SmartFone Flick Fest. In that case, films must be no longer than 6 minutes and 30 seconds, the film must be shot on a smartphone or tablet, the film can be in any language (with English subtitles), and there is no age requirement for artist entry. External microphones and tripods are permitted, as is lighting. Film editing is also permitted, and some great programs are available online.

You must pay an entry fee (discounted for students). The film is permitted to have been screened at another festival, and you can enter as many films as you like.

So get creative and get involved in the SmartFone Flick Fest. Spectators are welcome to come and view the finished products at the gala awards, and the top films will be available for streaming online.

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