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Festival Of The Winds

Festival of the Winds

The Festival of the Winds is Australia’s largest flying kite festival! Each year, the festival is hosted at Bondi Beach and will be held again in September.

During the Festival of the Winds, the skies are filled with brilliant and bright kites of all shapes and sizes imaginable.

Festival of the Winds 2024 Bondi, Dates, Event Times & Program, Sydney

During the festival, kites are flown by professional kite flyers, some of whom are local, and others have travelled internationally for this exciting event. At the festival, you will find all different types of kites, all beautiful and unique and some that have been hand-crafted especially for the event. Visitors may also like to attend a demonstration on how to make their own creative kite.

The Festival of the Winds is one of the most colourful events in Sydney and is a fantastic way to experience the beach at Bondi. The site of hundreds of vibrant kites further compliments the picturesque views of sea and sand.

Throughout the festival, there are also various events aside from kite flying and other attractions for everyone to enjoy. Experience the children’s activities, face painting and roaming entertainment. There is also an all-day-long entertainment program on the main stage, making the Festival of the Winds one of Sydney’s most exciting annual events.

All the fresh sea air is bound to make anyone hungry. When you are ready to look for a bite to eat, head down to one of the many food stalls to fill your stomach and experience some of the international cuisines.

So, for a great day out at the beach and to experience a unique and energetic part of Sydney’s culture, be sure to make your way to the Festival of the Winds!

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