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Ferragosto is a festival that celebrates Italian culture, entertainment and cuisine in the heart of the City of Canada Bay council area.

Ferragosto is the City of Canada Bay’s largest annual event, attracting over 120,000 visitors to Five Dock – a suburb with strong Italian links.

Ferragosto 2024 Sydney, Dates, Event Program & Times, Five Dock NSW

The event was initially located in the Garfield St car park, but as its popularity grew, it moved to Great North Road. Now, outgrowing its location, the festival spans over 800 metres of stalls and exhibits from Queens Road to Lions Road.

The festival supports the local Italian community and is backed by interest from local businesses, entertainers, residents and community organisations.

Visitors to Ferragosto can expect a variety of entertainment that will suit visitors of all ages. There are a variety of shows across the multiple stages that showcase Italian dance, music and comedy. For kids, free rides, activities, and competitions excite and amaze them.

There will also be displays from the famous car brands Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Ducati Bikes for Italian car lovers. There are over 120 stalls selling cultural merchandise and handcrafted goods.

Within the stalls, there is also plenty of fabulous food to try that highlights the best of Italian cuisine. For those who wish to learn the secrets of Italian cooking, there are also demonstrations running during the festival.

The festival will occur between Lyons and Queens Roads on Great North Road, Five Dock. General admission is free.

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