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Bankstown Bites Food Festival

Bankstown Bites Food Festival

Bankstown Bites is back: bigger & better than ever! It’s one of Sydney’s best and most beloved food festivals, and now Bankstown Bites is back to delight foodies and amateur chefs alike, with a tantalising drool-worthy variety of food and fantastic entertainment for all ages.

Held at the Olympic Parade in Bankstown, the event will feature dozens of stalls and vendors selling a massive assortment of food worldwide.

Bankstown Bites Food Festival 2024 Dates, Times, Recipe Book & Map

The Bankstown Bites food festival is back! Taste the world with us at this exciting multi-cultural event. Experience tantalising tasting tours, watch cooking demonstrations with celebrity chefs, and plenty more.

It’s no secret the city is a melting pot of international cuisine; Bankstown Bites promises to be an “explosion” of unique food and culture.
Indulge in fine cuisine from a huge variety of food stalls; Filipino, Indian, Turkish, Asian, Japanese, Mexican, Spanish, Portuguese, Egyptian, Italian and Thai…just to name a few!

The event also features dried goods sold in cafes and grocery stores throughout Bankstown, making it an excellent opportunity to shop for delicious foodstuffs you can take home.

The festival is open to all; locals as well as tourists who are visiting Sydney.

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Where is the Bankstown Bites Food Festival located?
What is the Bankstown Bites Food Festival address?
Olympic Parade (Dale Parade and Marion Street), Bankstown, NSW

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