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Bankstown Bites Food Festival

Bankstown Bites Food Festival

Due to NSW Public Health Orders and restrictions the decision has been made by Council that Bankstown Bites will not be held on 31 July and will be postponed to a later date

The Bankstown Bites Food Festival is one of Sydney’s most popular food festivals. Held at the Olympic Parade in Bankstown, the event will feature dozens of stalls and vendors selling a massive assortment of food from all around the world.

The event started in 2005 through the efforts of the Bankstown City Council. It takes place every July and is attended by around 10,000 people annually; making it one of Australia’s biggest food festivals.

Bankstown Bites Food Festival 2022 Dates, Times, Recipe Book & Map

The stalls sell an extensive range of comfort foods, as well as unique creations including Lebanese pizza, Filipino home cooking, halal butchers, Chinese tea, Indian desserts, African food, and much more.

The Bankstown Bites Food Festival is a family-friendly event that offers more than just food. Look out for celebrity chefs who do cooking demonstrations and share their secrets in the kitchen as they cook up food for patrons. In previous years, chefs such as Colin Fassnidge, Darren Simpson, Miguel Maestre, Iain Hewitson, and Ed Halmagy have participated.

Celebrity and local chefs are a highlight of the event, but more importantly, they help raise awareness of local cuisine. The event will also feature live performances, art exhibitions, food crafts, puppet shows, fruit sculpture making, and family-friendly activities. The Discovery Food Tours is also worth checking out; each year the themed tours feature cuisine from around Australia and abroad such as Aboriginal food and culinary treats from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Additionally, the event also features dried goods sold in cafes and grocery stores located throughout Bankstown, making it a great opportunity to shop for delicious foodstuffs that you can take home.

The festival is open to all; locals as well as tourists who are visiting Sydney.

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Olympic Parade (Dale Parade and Marion Street), Bankstown, NSW

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