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Australian Heritage Festival

Australian Heritage Festival

The Australian Heritage Festival is the biggest, longest-running event honouring the indigenous, natural, multicultural, and historic heritage of Australia.

The first event was held in 1980, and today it’s Australia’s largest festival celebrating culture and heritage – it remains unparalleled when it comes to the national reach of the event.

Australian Heritage Festival Sydney 2023 Dates, Times & Event Schedule

Each year, the event curates a theme that showcases the diversity and breadth of Australian heritage. In order to raise awareness of migration and multiculturalism, many of the events are focused on bush tucker tours, river walks, and similar outdoor activities. There are also educational elements such as talks, film screenings, exhibitions, music, crafts, traditional games, and dance; all of which are attended by thousands of people. Special activities for kids and families will also be included.

The festival is celebrated throughout the country, with states and territories participating in a total of almost a thousand events in Australia. It takes place between April and May; ample time for citizens and tourists alike to catch at least one event nearest you.

For event organisers in your respective communities, you will be provided with dedicated listings on the website, media coverage, digital and social media collateral, buntings, promotions, and added support from the state coordinators.

The Australian Heritage Festival is supported by the government; through the National Trusts Partnership Program. True to its community-driven nature, interested volunteers may apply to help out in their respective areas. This is also an excellent opportunity to become a Trust member which enables you to support the cause while helping with the conservation of Australian heritage. Other perks include discounted entries to various Trust events locally and around the world.

Most venues are easily accessible by private or public transport (trains, buses, ferries or light rail). Be aware though that there may be traffic delays in reaching any inner-city venues at various times, so public transport may be your best option.

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Where is the Australian Heritage Festival located?
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All over Sydney held at historic buildings, landmarks, shipwrecks and sacred sites, Sydney, NSW

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