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Wynyard Station
Wynyard Station

Wynyard Station

Wynyard Station is a heritage-listed underground train station that first opened its doors to the public in 1932. It is no coincidence that this is the same year that the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened, marking a major step forward in the city’s transport infrastructure.

Originally built as a station with six platforms, the station has since undergone modification.

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Today, it features two levels with four platforms in total. The upper level provides services on the North Shore line, while the lower one serves the City Circle, with both lines heading to Town Hall. The most important thing to note is that there is no link between the two lines at the station.

One of the station’s most fascinating features is the magnificent sculpture installed in 2017. The artwork, called the Interloop, was made from the station’s original escalators. Its ceiling mounting makes it almost impossible to miss this great piece of work. Created by Sydney artist Chris Fox, the work of art is intended to create wonderful memories of passenger travel in the past.

Some interesting facts about the Interloop at Wynyard Station include that 244 of the original hardwood treads were used from the old station. The wooden steps were the last of their kind in the Southern Hemisphere, and their preservation elicited a positive response from the public, with many passengers relishing their childhood memories. The steps were installed with safety in mind so passengers could enjoy the view of this significant artwork.

Take the Wynyard Walk, a 180-metre-long stretch with a pedestrian link and tunnel connecting the station and Barangaroo. The walk’s entrance is on Clarence Street. This walk showcases splendid digital artwork on giant video screens for the art lover looking for a unique experience within the city.

Platforms 3 and 4 operate on Line T1 and provide services to Hornsby, Richmond, Berwora and Epping. Platform 5 serves Line T2 with rides to Parramatta and Leppington. Platform 6 serves lines T8 and T3 with various destinations.

Wynyard Station is easily accessible by bus routes and is worth checking out for Sydney visitors.

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