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Sydney Showground
Sydney Showground

Sydney Showground

The Sydney Showground is an award-winning venue built to showcase the grand beauty of the annual Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The venue opened in 1998 when it held the 2000 Summer Olympics and has since been an integral part of the city’s culture and events.

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The showground hosts 22 unique venues well-suited for exhibitions, concerts, speaking events and seminars. It is also popular with conferences, gala nights and festivals. One of the most distinct features of the showground is the Dome, also referred to as The Dome and Exhibition Complex. This is an indoor venue whose design provides expandable space when combined with Halls 2,3 and 4. This venue is popular with corporate events and trade shows. Sometimes, The Dome has even been used to record TV Shows.

The Sydney Showground Stadium is yet another part of this venue. The Stadium, also known as Spotless Stadium, is at the centre of the showground’s most grand events. Sample the Grand Parade, for instance, a flagship show of its kind right in the region’s heart. The stadium was also used for sporting events during the 2000 Olympic Games. Today, the venue hosts Australian Rules football matches.

The Charles Moses Stadium is an outdoor stadium with a 3000-seat capacity, a Public Address system, corporate boxes, and a video screen. This stadium is an integral part of the Showground venues as it is the venue of the Royal Easter Show and, more specifically, the wood-chopping events.

It is important to note that profits made from each event at the Showgrounds are pooled back into supporting the agricultural scene in Australia and rural communities in the region. This specific venture is made possible by the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales, which manages the showground.

The Sydney Showground is close to the city, a 5-minute walk from Olympic Park Station. Onsite parking is also available.

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