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Sydney Park

Sydney Park

Sydney Park is an expansive green space in St Peters that comprises lush gardens and beautiful wetlands, all against the backdrop of rolling hills.

With an area of 103 acres, the park is one of the three largest parks in the inner city.

Sydney Park, St Peters Playground, Cafe, History & Parking Map, NSW

Sydney Park has an exciting past that helps explain some of its fascinating attractions on location. One of the park’s most recognisable features is the tall chimneys that tower above what used to be a brickworks site.

History has it that the northwest region of the park was right above a Wianamatta Shale bed. This geological feature assisted in providing clay used for making bricks. Back in the late 19th century, brick-making was a popular economic activity. Different sites were operational for this reason, and in the mid-20th century, the use of the sites was converted to disposing of waste.

Following the closure of the clay pits to waste management, efforts to reclaim the land began with soil to fill the pits. Years later, the park became a fantastic recreational site with many heritage items, including the tall chimneys mentioned above. These chimneys have been preserved for over half a century and are a landmark within the park.

This tranquil spot boasts natural features that make it an ideal escape from the city. Creeks meander through the park, attracting diverse bird species. There are also great viewing decks across the park, with the hills popular with picnic lovers who love the 360-degree view from the hilltops.

The park also features a large playground for the kids to enjoy. With an array of play equipment to keep the little ones entertained, there is no better way for them to enjoy a sensory experience amid the lush green park. Sydney Park is also dog-friendly.

Other attractions within the park include the Cycling Centre, the Alan Davidson Oval, and a public structure known as ‘The Trail’. Sydney Park in St Peters is fun for the whole family.

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