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Susannah Place Museum

Susannah Place Museum

Susannah Place Museum is a historic house museum located at The Rocks in the heart of Sydney. The museum consists of four terrace houses whose history dates back to 1844.

The occupancy of these houses has been collected and put together to detail a historical evolution through different phases of modernity over the past 150 years.

Susannah Place Museum, Ticket Prices, Tours, Shop & Opening Hours

Over the years, these houses that feature small backyards, kitchens in the basement, as well as external wash houses, provided a place to call home for more than a hundred families. For this reason, walking through the museum feels like stepping through an old photo album.

What stands out is how ordinary the lives led by the different family were, yet standing in sharp contrast with the rich legacy left behind in this living museum. This rare combination makes the museum a must-visit for anyone who would want to travel back in time and live like the then working-class families.

Touring the houses and looking at the different coats of paint works, alongside the flooring materials, gives a glimpse into the way of life led by these families. Look out for the brick outhouses that are the earliest indication of sanitary facilities.

Experience childhood at the Susannah Place Museum as plays comes alive with Anna Cossu. Jump, hop and skip along the same footpaths and laneways that the kids who lived there did. Find out more about the Greek family that lived at the museum with pieces of a 1946 Greek American newspaper, rate assessment books and even olive seeds.

The lives of the families that lived here are connected to the verve of the surroundings, and this makes The Rocks a must-visit destination. Visit the corner shop; a re-created 1915 facility tucked away at No. 64 Gloucester Street. Here, you can purchase antiques and goods from years back (open daily between 2pm and 5pm).

Access to the Susannah Place Museum is by guided tour only between 2pm & 5pm daily and is at 58-64 Gloucester Street at The Rocks.

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