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St Matthew's, Manly
St Matthew's, Manly

St Matthew’s, Manly

St Matthews is an Anglican church in Manly Parish that shares the gospel of Jesus. It is located in The Corso.

The church’s history dates back more than 150 years, making it the oldest church in the area.

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The church’s roots were planted in 1863 when a few locals in the region met and sought permission to build a church. The first temporary church was constructed, and the first service was held on November 8, 1863. A stone building in 1864 replaced this temporary structure.

The structure stood out partly because its bell tower was 75 feet tall and, to this day, has remained an iconic landmark in Manly. The present building was opened in 1930 and is one of the most recognisable buildings in the area. The church was built using the English Gothic Revival Style, boasting smooth-face brickwork and sandstone.

The most important thing is that St Matthews is not just an iconic building; it’s a place of worship where people from all walks of life meet. In addition to Sunday Services, the church is also involved in other communities and services.

With more than 800 people attending these services weekly, the church’s solid leadership team has created a safe space to manage these activities alongside worship. The church’s leadership seeks to share its vision through the delegation of duties in the following posts: Senior Minister, Senior Associate Minister, Family and Children’s Ministry, as well as Youth Minister. Other positions that make this possible include the Women’s Minister, Worship Minister and the Admin Team.

For those spending some time in Manly, the church provides the option of volunteering within the church and serving on the team. The kids are not left behind, as there is a children’s ministry with a program specially tailored for kids between 12 months old and those in Year 6 at school.

St Matthews Manly is at 1 Darley Road in Manly.

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