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Riverside Theatres

Riverside Theatres is a premier centre for Sydney’s vibrant theatrical scene; made up of three distinct venues and is a popular performing arts centre of the area. Hosting a large number of events annually, this hub is a must-visit whenever you’re in Western Sydney.

The theatre’s location on the banks of the majestic Parramatta River adds to its appeal.

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The theatre has hosted the Sydney Festival for many decades, with the complex first opening back in 1988.

As mentioned, the complex consists of 3 different venues, with these including the Lennox Theatre, the Riverside Theatre, as well as Rafferty’s Theatre. Rafferty’s Theatre is the smallest of these spaces and can accommodate up to 100 people. When the theatre is not hosting exhibitions, comedy stand-up acts or seminars, it may be hired for small corporate functions.

The Lennox Theatre is larger than Rafferty’s and hosts about 200 people. It may be used when larger capacity is required, and best of all, its seating configurations may be changed to suit either cabaret or theatre seating style.

The largest of the three theatres is the Riverside Theatre, which is perhaps the most popular within the complex. With a capacity of 761, the theatre boasts a traditional proscenium arch complete with stalls, circle and gallery spaces. The design of this theatre was inspired by that of the European Opera House to provide great ambience and an intimate setting for live performances.

With plush seating, patrons get to enjoy performances in one of Sydney’s best locations. For large-scale productions, Riverside Theatre ensures acts are seen on the Riverside Stage. In previous years, hundreds of acts that range from comedy to ballet, dance and drama have been seen on the stage.

Riverside Theatre is at the Corner of Market and Church Streets, just half an hour’s drive from Sydney’s CBD.

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