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Pirrama Park

Pirrama Park

Pirrama Park is an iconic waterfront public space located on Sydney Harbour. This pleasant harbourside facility is located to the west of the city and features a thoughtfully landscaped site. Its natural features, coupled with its array of amenities, make this one of the best places to unwind in Pyrmont.

What was once a base for the water police has since been converted to a delightful public space.

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A closer look while at the park will reveal its original shoreline. One of the reasons for this is that the park was built following land reclamation from the water. Delve into the park’s history by taking the Stevedore Walk that pays tribute to the area’s heritage.

The site where the park is located boasts of grasslands, broad avenues and scenic spots to enjoy outdoor picnics and barbecues. Look out for the sheltered bay that provides easy access to the water. For those with water vessels, the bay is available for use by private boats. Remember that there are no ferry services from the park, so make transport arrangements well in advance.

The little ones are not left behind as there is a playground that caters for all age groups. The play equipment that was installed on-site was thoughtfully chosen because it is accessible even for kids with physical challenges. Pass by the cafe and enjoy a quick meal or buy refreshments for your picnic.

Other features that make Pirrama Park unique include the use of solar panels, systems to trap rainwater, as well as the water re-use where applicable. The timber decking at the park is also constructed from recycled materials, making this a sustainable park that embraces energy efficiency.

The park is easily accessible by both private and public means. Take bus route 389 and get dropped off close by. The park is at the end of Harris Street, with parking spaces available at the end of Harris Road, as well as on Pirrama Road.

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