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MLC Centre

The MLC Centre is an iconic skyscraper whose towering design dominates the city’s skyline. The tower was first opened in 1977, and at the time, was a leader in high-end fashion retail. Today it still remains one of the best destinations for global and local fashion brands.

In addition to this incredible sense of fashion, The MLC Centre represents a confluence of style, culture and incredible food. This unrivalled experience is what sets this prestigious landmark apart the from others in Sydney.

MLC Centre, Sydney, Parking, Cafes, Shops, Restaurants & Directory Map

This renowned fashion destination gives visitors the opportunity to purchase the leading brands. Discover global icons such as Longchamp, Jimmy Choo and Rodd & Gunn, and explore stores such as Anthea Crawford, Enchanting Angels, Ignazia and Nina Armando, for handcrafted items and luxurious labels.

Away from the fashion stores, nothing beats a well-curated menu of finely selected foods. That is why MLC Centre offers an array of dining options that range from casual eateries to energetic bars and fine-dining restaurants.

Treat your sweet tooth to savoury treats from Alexander’s Patisserie or indulge in classic dishes that reflect the rich culinary style of South-East Asia at Bun Me. Cafe Courtyard has you spoilt for choice with the option of indoor or outdoor seating space.

Hungry for something meaty? Make your way to Crafty Cuts Carvery that offers all things barbeque. Visit Eat Istanbul to enjoy some delicious Turkish foods; from filling falafels to kebabs that ooze with flavour.

Other options include the swanky Eden Bar & Restaurant, MLC Grind, Pasta Pantry and Schnitz. If you need a refreshing cup of freshly brewed coffee, Soul Origin is the perfect place to be. Or you could visit Top Juice for a tasty and healthy option.

The retail precinct at the MLC Centre is the perfect way to experience shopping in the heart of Sydney. Make your way to the corner of King Street and Castlereagh Street for the complete shopping experience.

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