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Manly Dam

Manly Dam

Manly Dam, also known as the Manly Warringah War Memorial Park, is a scenic destination tucked away 30 minutes from Sydney’s CBD. This park boasts excellent biodiversity and is a renowned attraction for nature lovers looking to enjoy some of the city’s abundant green spaces.

There are so many fun activities to engage in while at the park; ranging from mountain biking to bushwalking, picnicking, and even water skiing.

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If you are looking for a place to enjoy an adventure in the natural outdoors, look no further than this park.

There are four designated picnic areas where visitors can enjoy a beautiful day with family and friends. The different areas have diverse settings that include an open grassed area, a bushland setting with access to the lake, as well as a more intimate setting with stunning lakeside views. The fourth picnic area has direct access to the walking tracks and also opens out to the lake.

Take on an adventure with the unforgettable Manly Dam Mountain biking. This bike track is among Sydney’s best cycling trails and is open for everyone – from newbies to advanced riders. Take note that the track is best ridden in a clockwise direction.

There are also some great bushwalking tracks at Manly Dam. This park is a special place because it is home to the indigenous communities that once lived in the region. The park circuit track measures 7.3 kilometres and takes three hours on average. Some sections of the trail are steep but is graded mainly as an easy walk.

The park is also known for an array of water sports. Enjoy onsite fishing while at the lake, and look out for the species such as the redfin, the carp, silver perch, and Australian bass. Use the designated swimming areas as indicated by the signage, and you may also enjoy waterskiing and kayaking for a memorable day out.

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