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Macquarie Lighthouse
Macquarie Lighthouse

Macquarie Lighthouse

Macquarie Lighthouse, also called the South Head Upper Light, was Sydney’s first lighthouse and is the longest-serving lighthouse in Sydney today. The lighthouse was built in 1818 before its reconstruction in 1883.

It is fully operational today and is one of the most historical attractions in the region.

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The design of the lighthouse was created by Francis Greenway, a convict whose brilliant design saw him receive a pardon from the then Governor of Macquarie. The lighthouse is so essential that it is portrayed on the Macquarie University coat of arms.

There are two ways to enjoy a tour of the Macquarie Lighthouse. The first involves taking a guided tour that is available every two months or choosing to go on the 100-kilometre Great Coastal Walk. Guided tours are popular with visitors as they can discover this architectural masterpiece while appreciating the lighthouse’s timeless role in Sydney’s history.

You can make bookings for tour dates, which are subject to availability. Booked tours take approximately 20 minutes and usually leave between 10am and 4pm.

Anyone planning to take a guided tour must have a good level of mobility. Additionally, one must not be affected by heights, as this forms an indispensable part of the tour. Furthermore, if weather conditions are too windy, access to the balcony will be prohibited for safety reasons.

Another way to enjoy a tour of the lighthouse is to take the scenic Great Coastal Walk. This walk follows the spectacular southeast shoreline that forms part of the Sydney Harbour. It is a favourite for nature lovers looking to enjoy sun, sand, and sea in the adventure of a lifetime.

Macquarie Lighthouse is 20 minutes from the Sydney CBD on Old South Head Road.

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The lighthouse is open by guided tour every two months
Adult: $5
Child: $3

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