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Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre
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Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre

Due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout Australia and the resulting restrictions imposed by the Federal and State governments, Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre has been temporarily closed until further notice. We will keep you up to date any developments and please stay safe.

The Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre is an enchanting gallery located in the heart of Sydney and home to a vast collection of art pieces from different parts of the country. One of the key values of this gallery is the need to provide both visitors and customers with a rewarding and enlightening experience of the city’s vibrant art scene.

The essence of getting any piece of art from Karlangu is to bring a calm that can help ease the challenges of daily life.

Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre, Gallery, Address & Hours, Sydney NSW

Visitors recognise that art is not just tangible paper or canvas; it is a medium to communicate a story while encouraging contemplation. For this reason, many pieces at the gallery have been sourced countrywide; from New South Wales to Western Australia to Alice Springs.

The Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre displays works of art by artists such as Tony Sorby, Maria Laruffa, Anna Pitjara, as well as Michael Lyons; among others. The diversity of the works on display include paintings, pottery, and even boomerangs.

There is a vast collection of paintings at the gallery – most notably works that reflect the culture of the Aboriginal people. These paintings will often incorporate intricate patterns and visually stunning designs created by traditional techniques. Look out for the different sizes and take your pick before leaving the gallery.

You can’t afford to miss out on looking at the pottery section where ceramics are displayed. These collectibles are inspired by different tribes and are available in different styles to suit different preferences. The vases are a favourite for many people touring this part of the gallery.

A trip to the gallery is incomplete without viewing the collection of boomerangs. A boomerang, as you may already be aware, is a thrown tool whose structural design allows it to spin in the direction thrown. These were common in ancient Australian communities that were involved in hunting.

If you are looking for a cultural experience in the heart of Sydney, the Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre is the place to be. Visit the gallery on York Street.

47 York St
Sydney, NSW

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 6pm

Phone Number
(02) 9279 2700

Email Address

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What is the Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre address?
What is the Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre address?
What are the Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre opening hours?
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What is the Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre phone number?
What is the Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre email address?

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